The 2018 IEDC Economic Future Forum


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The holder of a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Virginia Military Institute, Michael Erin served 11 years in the United States Army, leaving the service at the rank of captain before pursuing business interests in Las Vegas and Chicago. In addition to serving as a partner of Progressive Management & Associates, Michael Erin is a member of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

The IEDC is a nonprofit membership organization that provides leadership and drive economic development activity through networking opportunities. One of the major networking events hosted by the IEDC is the Economic Future Forum. This year’s event is taking place from June 24 to 26 in Buffalo, New York, and will be attended by more than 300 economic development professionals. It will include interactive learning sessions, discussions on global shifts in economic policy and development, and in-depth examinations of real case studies.

Topics for educational sessions include “The Deal with Data Scientists,” “Waterfronts: On the Banks of a New Economic Development Opportunity,” and “The Benefits of Transit-Oriented Development.” There will also be roundtable discussions on development in a diverse range of sectors such as entertainment, education, and energy. Prominent guest speakers scheduled to attend the event include Melina Cordero, Americas head of retail research with CBRE, and Jarred Kessler, CEO of EasyKnock.


The IEDC Economic Development Reference Guide


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International Economic Development Council

Michael Erin is an experienced financial services executive who has served as CEO of Chicago’s Progressive Management since 2016. In addition to his responsibilities with Progressive, Michael Erin sits on the board of directors for San Francisco’s catalyst s+f and holds membership in multiple professional associations, including the International Economic Development Council.

A nonprofit organization with more than 5,000 members, the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) is dedicated to helping economic development professional build healthy, stable, competitive communities. One of the resources the IEDC provides to its members, the Economic Development Reference Guide, is also available to the public through the organization’s website.

The IEDC Economic Development Reference Guide helps professionals and the organizations they serve define and pursue appropriate courses of economic development with an emphasis on job creation and retention, enhancing the quality of life and improving the tax base. Key elements of economic development, according to the Guide, include business retention/expansion, brownfield redevelopment, and e-commerce development.

Chicago Cubs Sign Reliever Brian Duensing to a Two-Year Deal

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Brian Duensing

Since 2016, Michael Erin has served as a partner and associate consultant with Progressive Management and Associates in Chicago. He also holds leadership roles with PacificRock, LLC, and The Economic Club of Las Vegas. Outside of work, Michael Erin spends his free time traveling, following politics, and cheering for the Chicago Cubs.

In an off-season move to further improve the bull pen, the Chicago Cubs signed veteran reliever Brian Duensing to a two-year deal worth a reported $7 million. By securing Duensing through 2019, the Cubs will head into the 2018 season with at least two strong left-hander options to turn to for late-inning pitching.

Entering his 10th year in the majors, the 34-year-old Duensing was drafted by Minnesota in 2005 and spent his first seven seasons playing for the Twins. After a brief stint in Baltimore, he joined the Cubs in 2017. Despite starting last season on the disabled list, Duensing returned to the mound to appear in 63 games. He put up very respectable numbers, maintaining a 2.05 ERA and holding opponents to a .232 batting average.

Alongside Duensing, the Cubs will have lefties Mike Montgomery and Justin Wilson in the bull pen. The team’s other relievers include Dario Alvarez, Brandon Morrow, and Steve Chishek.

National Association for Business Economics Hosts 2017 Conference

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National Association for Business Economics

A graduate of the Virginia Military Institute’s undergraduate program in economics and business, Michael Erin serves as associate consultant and partner for the boutique consultancy firm Progressive Management and Associates in Chicago. To help him remain current with industry trends, Michael Erin belongs to the National Association for Business Economics (NABE).

Established in 1959, NABE is the professional affiliation for business economists and others in the economics industry. Represented fields range from academia to business. NABE presents a variety of conferences and educational sessions, as well as numerous networking opportunities.

One of the sessions hosted by NABE is its annual conference, with the 2017 conference occurring on September 23-26 in Cleveland. With a theme of Prospects for Growth: Reassessing the Fundamentals, the 2017 annual meeting featured leading economists and policymakers to share information about global trade and mercantilist tensions. Some of the speakers included Federal Reserve System chair Janet Yellen and president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Loretta Mester. Those in attendance had an opportunity to garner 20 continuing education credit hours during the four-day event.

Three Travel Tips for First Time Hong Kong Visitors

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Octopus Card

From 2001 to 2012, Michael Erin served in the United States Army, reaching the rank of Captain in 2009. He currently works as a principal and managing partner with boutique consultancy firm Progressive Management & Associates, located in Chicago, Illinois. Michael Erin has also traveled extensively in his free time, visiting multiple destinations worldwide, including Hong Kong.

With over 7 million people densely packed into the 427-square-mile city, visiting Hong Kong for the first time can be overwhelming. These three tips will help first-time visitors get around the city.

1. Airport Travel – Getting to and from Hong Kong Airport is a breeze with the Express train, which will take you to either Hong Kong Island or Kowloon. According to travel writer, chef, and TV personality Anthony Bourdain, the Airport Express gets you into the center of the city in less than a half hour, with tickets starting at just $13.

2. Octopus Card – Available for purchase at the Hong Kong Airport, an Octopus card is a prepaid debit card, meaning you load money onto the card to use in place of paper money and coins. The Octopus card makes traveling much easier, as you do not have to fumble for change to catch the subway or bus. As an added perk, many Hong Kong retailers accept Octopus cards.

3. City Center – The “Central” area of Hong Kong Island provides the ideal base of operations. From the city’s center, you will have quick access to shopping, restaurants, and attractions. For activities outside of the city’s center, the Central MRT station will easily get you there and back.