The Singapore Botanic Gardens

An experienced economic development professional, Michael Erin currently serves as global initiatives manager at Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance. Traveling for both work and pleasure, Michael Erin has been to several locations around the world, including Hong Kong and Singapore.

Although Singapore is mostly known for its shopping and dining attractions within the city, it is also home to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a lush oasis frequently visited by tai-chi practitioners, joggers, and tourists. First established in 1859, the Singapore Botanic Gardens sits on 74 hectares of land just five minutes from Orchard Road in central Singapore. Despite having grown and improved over the years, the Singapore Botanic Gardens stays true to its heritage and is committed to becoming a leading botanical institution for plant conservation and tropical botany.

Open from early morning to midnight every day, admission to the botanic gardens is free for visitors. Every weekend, volunteers at the Singapore Botanic Gardens offer guided tours through the site. The tours are offered in both English and Japanese and are generally held several times a day. Each Saturday tour focuses on a different part of the gardens, starting with a Healing Garden tour on the first Saturday of every month, followed by the Rain Forest Tour, National Orchid Garden Tour, and Heritage Tour on the fourth Saturday.


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