Short Game Golf Tips to Help Turn a Bogey into a Par

In his position as the global initiatives manager for the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA), Michael Erin meets with corporate executives and government leaders from around the globe to secure foreign direct investment in Las Vegas. In addition to economic development, Michael Erin enjoys cultural events and active hobbies, including golf.

Golf Digest recently published an article with short-game golf tips to help players turn bogeys into pars. Authored by the renowned Golf Digest teaching professional, Butch Harmon, the informative article discusses four important short golf shots, including “the clip” and “the chop.” Harmon states that the clip shot should involve a sweeping swing that “clips” the ball off the ground when the ball is in the fairway 30 to 40 yards from the pin. According to Harmon, the club should lightly skid the ground instead of taking a large divot with strong wrist movement. Harmon recommends using a sand wedge, placing more weight on the front foot, and positioning the ball in the center of the stance.

For the chop shot, Harmon suggests that golfers use their most lofted wedge and an open club face to chop the ball off a hill in greenside rough. Harmon notes that the chop shot is characterized by a steep backswing, minimal follow-through, and a firm top-hand grip to support a powerful swing through deep grass.


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