Maddon Says Confident Mindset is Key


Manager Joe Maddon pic

Manager Joe Maddon

After more than a decade of service in the US Army, Michael Erin now works as a successful business development professional. Outside his professional life, Michael Erin enjoys watching his favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs.

After faltering over a 24-game span before the All-Star break, the Chicago Cubs have rebounded in the second half of the season, and the team’s confidence is ramping up in kind. The Cubs are at the front of the pack in the league, and have found themselves in the running to become the first to 70 victories.

Manager Joe Maddon attributes the team finding its way back to success to continuously pushing a mindset of confidence. In a recent interview, Maddon stressed his reliance on the psychological aspects of the game, believing so much in psychology, in fact, that he feels he could teach university classes on the subject when he isn’t managing the team.

Many of the team’s younger players, such as Carl Edwards, Jr., are benefiting from the emphasis on confidence and positive psychology.


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