Three Common Sushi Rolls

Sushi Rolls pic

Sushi Rolls

Based in Nevada, Michael Erin serves as vice president of development for the Economic Club of Las Vegas. Michael Erin also maintains an interest in foreign cultures and cuisine and enjoys eating sushi.

Sushi can be intimidating to those who have never tried it–but for many, the reward is worth the risk. There are many different kinds of rolls to try. Below is a guide to some of them:

1. Hosomaki: Hosomaki is rice rolled up in nori (dried seaweed) with one filling. Common fillings include tuna, crab, carrots, or avocado. Hosomaki is rolled relatively tight, with a one-inch diameter, and cut into six to eight pieces.

2. Futomaki: Futomaki is basically hosomaki with additional fillings. Futomaki generally contains at least two ingredients including raw vegetables and raw or cooked fish and is two inches in diameter.

3. Uramaki: Uramaki is similar to Futomaki but is not wrapped in nori. Instead, the outside is only rice. The popular California roll is a common example of Uramaki.


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