Two Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017


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Marketing Trends

Michael Erin currently serves as a principal with PacificRock, LLC, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and also works as a consultant and partner with Progressive Management & Associates, based in Chicago, Illinois. In both of his roles, Michael Erin makes a concerted effort to remain abreast of current trends in marketing.

With the calendar now turned to 2017, there are new trends to examine in the marketing field that have the potential to flourish. Here are two major trends that experts predict will shape the coming year.

Live streaming has emerged as a new medium for storytelling. Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live have all positioned themselves as popular methods of reaching large groups of people. With video already established as an engaging method of communication, live streaming takes things to a new level.

As an example, Facebook Live ran an entire campaign to publicize its new platform using only live streaming. This new technology allows brands and companies to create content on the fly from anywhere in the world.

The use of short-term content is also on the rise. Snapchat and Instagram Stories are two examples of this. With shorter attention spans becoming common, experts predict more marketing strategies will include ways to leverage short-lived content on content platforms.