Michael Erin

The International Economic Development Council

International Economic Development Council pic

International Economic Development Council
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The managing partner at Progressive Management & Associates, Michael Erin often dedicates his free time to multiple charitable, nonprofit, and professional organizations. Among those Michael Erin belongs to is the International Economic Development Council.

Supporting those in professions related to economic development, the International Economic Development Council has some 5,000 members. The goal is to create a stable tax base in communities and to foster a stronger and more inclusive economy with the creation of jobs. The Council also aims to instruct its members on how to advance their careers.

Members come from all walks of life, and represent an increasing number of industries, from workforce development to international trade. Membership provides the opportunity to work with leaders in different fields and offers access to yearly conferences and publications dedicated to economic development. In 2016, the Council commemorated its 90-year history with the first-ever Economic Development Week, encouraging the celebration of economic development in local communities.

Business First Magazine Ranks Virginia Military Institute

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Virginia Military Institute
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An executive in economic development, Michael Erin formerly led the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance as chief of staff and director of operations. He has since transitioned to the position of vice president of development with the Economic Club of Las Vegas. Michael Erin holds a bachelor of arts in economics and business from the Virginia Military Institute, which was recently recognized by Business First magazine.

Business First ranked Virginia Military Institute 45th on its list of nearly 500 four-year public schools in the United States. Only three Virginia schools ranked higher. The magazine bases its rankings on data from the US Census Bureau American Community Survey and the National Center for Education Statistics.

Business First ranks only public colleges and universities and considers selectivity and the cost of tuition and housing. Other criteria include retention rates, graduate rates, and the quality of campus resources.

Cubs Celebrate 2016 Championship Season with Commemorative Book

Chicago Cubs pic

Chicago Cubs
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With a degree in economics and business from the Virginia Military Institute, Michael Erin serves as principal and managing partner at Progressive Management & Associates in Chicago. In his free time, Michael Erin enjoys following his favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs.

In a recently released statement, the Cubs announced that Fly the W, the team’s 2016 championship season book, is now available for purchase. Covering events from the beginning of spring training to the November day when the Cubs finally clinched their first World Series title in more than a century, the 160-page hardcover book includes stories from the Daily Herald as well as personal essays from prominent members of the Cubs community, including Tom Ricketts, Joe Maddon, and Ryne Sandberg.

In addition to engaging text, the coffee-table book features nearly 100 full-color photographs taken by Steve Green, the Cubs’ photographer. Fly The W can be purchased on the team’s official website and from other online retailers.

IEDC 2017 Annual Conference Set for September in Toronto, Canada


IEDC 2017 pic

IEDC 2017
Image: iedconline.org

An experienced business professional and a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, Michael Erin serves as an associate consultant and partner at Progressive Management & Associates in Chicago, Illinois. Michael Erin also belongs to professional organizations including the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

The largest nonprofit of its kind, the IEDC has a membership of more than 5,000 professionals working in various sectors around the world. As new global markets emerge, the IEDC aims to help foster a worldwide environment conducive to healthy economic competition and growth.

Toward that objective, the organization will hold its 2017 Annual Conference September 17-20 in Toronto, Canada. The theme this year, Going Global, will focus on connection, collaboration, and creation, with attendees receiving instruction and insight on topics ranging from global trade expansion to stronger startup ecosystems. Along with the conference proceedings, IEDC members will have the opportunity to enjoy the culture of Toronto, recently named at the top of the list of places to visit in 2017 by the New York Times.

The NABE’s Certified Business Economist Program

Certified Business Economist pic

Certified Business Economist
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Outside of his position as an associate consultant and partner with Progressive Management & Associates in Chicago, Illinois, Michael Erin contributes to the National Association for Business Economics (NABE). Through the support of members like Michael Erin, the NABE is able to offer those interested in the business field many scholarships and other continuing education opportunities.

One way NABE members can further their education is to seek the Certified Business Economist (CBE) designation. This designation indicates a mastery of business economics, which communicates one’s competence and enthusiasm for the subject to current and prospective employers. A CBE designation also shows that the holder has a commitment to ethical conduct due to the required pledge the recipient must take to uphold the NABE Code of Ethics.

Undergraduate coursework alone does not qualify one for the CBE designation. To earn the designation, one must take an additional exam and several business continuing education courses through NABE or another organization.

Two Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017


Marketing Trends pic

Marketing Trends
Image: forbes.com

Michael Erin currently serves as a principal with PacificRock, LLC, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and also works as a consultant and partner with Progressive Management & Associates, based in Chicago, Illinois. In both of his roles, Michael Erin makes a concerted effort to remain abreast of current trends in marketing.

With the calendar now turned to 2017, there are new trends to examine in the marketing field that have the potential to flourish. Here are two major trends that experts predict will shape the coming year.

Live streaming has emerged as a new medium for storytelling. Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live have all positioned themselves as popular methods of reaching large groups of people. With video already established as an engaging method of communication, live streaming takes things to a new level.

As an example, Facebook Live ran an entire campaign to publicize its new platform using only live streaming. This new technology allows brands and companies to create content on the fly from anywhere in the world.

The use of short-term content is also on the rise. Snapchat and Instagram Stories are two examples of this. With shorter attention spans becoming common, experts predict more marketing strategies will include ways to leverage short-lived content on content platforms.

National Association for Business Economics Host Annual Conference


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National Association for Business Economics
Image: nabe.com

Since October 2015, Michael Erin has worked as vice president of development for The Economic Club of Las Vegas. In addition, he serves as an associate consultant and partner for Progressive Management and Associates based out of Chicago, Illinois. To help him remain up-to-date on industry-wide changes, Michael Erin maintains membership with the National Association for Business Economics (NABE).

Established in 1959, NABE serves as the top association for those who work in business economics. It represents industries such as business, academia, and economics, and its membership includes business leaders, former Board of Governor’s chairmen, and former Federal Reserve governors. The NABE offers its members educational offerings, networking opportunities, and prestigious conferences, all of which give members a chance to stay current with business trends.

One of the NABE’s events is its annual economic policy conference, with the 2017 conference scheduled for March 5 through 7. This 33rd annual conference occurs at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC. The 2016 conference had a theme of “Policy Challenges in an Intercontinental World,” and covered the way political and business leaders help their countries and companies navigate through global challenges. Keynote speakers included Federal Reserve Chairman Stanley Fischer and Congressional Budget Office Director Keith Hall.