NABE to Hold Its 2017 Economic Policy Conference in March

National Association for Business Economics pic

National Association for Business Economics


Michael Erin divides his time between serving as a principal with PacificRock, LLC, in Las Vegas and working as a consultant and partner with Chicago-based Progressive Management & Associates. An involved professional, Michael Erin also maintains membership in the National Association for Business Economics (NABE).

In its efforts to provide leadership in economics and promote understanding of the field, the NABE stages a variety of educational events throughout the year. One of the organization’s most popular national events is its Annual Economic Policy Conference, which brings together economists and leaders from government agencies, think tanks, and other institutions.

The NABE will host its 33rd Annual Economic Policy Conference March 5-7, 2017, at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC. The three-day event will explore economic policy through lectures, poster presentations, and other learning sessions on a variety of topics. This year’s conference will also feature discussions with a number of expert speakers, including Sir Angus Deaton of Princeton University, the Harvard Kennedy School’s Douglas Elmendorf, and Neek Kashkari, the president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

BizCONNECT Helps Local Businesses Grow



As global initiatives manager for the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA), Michael Erin works to increase foreign direct investment in Las Vegas. Through his work, Michael Erin helps the LVGEA further its mission of increasing economic development in southern Nevada.

The LVGEA’s many efforts to develop businesses in Las Vegas include a program called BizCONNECT, which seeks to retain and expand businesses by providing connections and resources in the area. The program aims to improve the business environment in Las Vegas, promoting growth and job creation.

When businesses join BizCONNECT, they gain access to a wide array of services and benefits, including supply chain and new market data, global trade opportunities, and local and state incentives. The ability to connect with the program’s extensive network of public and private business resources also provides members with a significant advantage.

Businesses that are considering joining the BizCONNECT network can schedule a meeting through the One-on-One Business Visitation Program to learn more.

Chicago Cubs Donate to Youth Softball and Baseball

Chicago Cubs pic

Chicago Cubs

Focusing on business and economics, Michael Erin obtained his bachelor’s degree from the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington. He then went on to serve as a captain in the US Armed Forces – Army, overseeing medical aid and safety for over 200 soldiers. Currently as the chief of staff and director of operations at Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, Michael Erin directs the daily operations of the $4 million regional economic development company in southern Nevada. As a passionate fan, Mr. Erin enjoys following the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball.

In an effort to improve youth softball and baseball fields across 14 Chicago neighborhoods, the Chicago Cubs donated in excess of $860,000 to 14 Diamond Project qualifying organizations in 2016. Since its inception in 2014, the organization’s Diamond Project charity has granted nearly $1.8 million to support 32 capital improvement projects and 28 youth leagues across Chicago.

As one of three signature charity programs, the Diamond Project awards funds to local, neighborhood-based, non-profit organizations to help provide accessible, safe, and quality local indoor training facilities or baseball fields. The Chicago Cub’s charities, in partnership with Daktronics, have also donated seven ballpark scoreboards to local youth softball and baseball parks.

When to Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong pic

Hong Kong

Michael Erin is the chief of staff and director of operations at the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, where he has worked since 2014. He attended the Virginia Military Institute, where he earned his BA in economics and business. In his free time, Michael Erin enjoys traveling, and names Hong Kong and London as his favorite destinations.

Many travelers are drawn to Hong Kong, with its astounding skyline, fascinating colonial history, and Buddhist culture. It is also famous for its cuisine and fast-paced night life. Before you plan your trip to the southern reaches of China, be sure to plan your itinerary carefully.

According to US News & World Report, the best time to visit Hong Kong is between October and December. During this time, the city will still be active but the daytime temperatures will have settled into the 70s and accommodation prices will have dropped. Travelers should be wary of visiting during the first week of October, which is a popular time for mainland Chinese tourists. January through March offers temperatures in the 60s and a great deal of fog, which can make photographing the sights less fruitful. April to May is still a foggy period but the temperatures are manageable and the room rates reasonable. June through September is the most challenging time to visit, with hot, muggy temperatures and typhoons always a possibility.

Three Common Sushi Rolls

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Sushi Rolls

Based in Nevada, Michael Erin serves as vice president of development for the Economic Club of Las Vegas. Michael Erin also maintains an interest in foreign cultures and cuisine and enjoys eating sushi.

Sushi can be intimidating to those who have never tried it–but for many, the reward is worth the risk. There are many different kinds of rolls to try. Below is a guide to some of them:

1. Hosomaki: Hosomaki is rice rolled up in nori (dried seaweed) with one filling. Common fillings include tuna, crab, carrots, or avocado. Hosomaki is rolled relatively tight, with a one-inch diameter, and cut into six to eight pieces.

2. Futomaki: Futomaki is basically hosomaki with additional fillings. Futomaki generally contains at least two ingredients including raw vegetables and raw or cooked fish and is two inches in diameter.

3. Uramaki: Uramaki is similar to Futomaki but is not wrapped in nori. Instead, the outside is only rice. The popular California roll is a common example of Uramaki.

The NABE Annual Meeting Helps Members Expand Their Knowledge

National Association for Business Economics pic

National Association for Business Economics

The vice president of development at the Economic Club of Las Vegas, Michael Erin builds and executes the non-profit’s financial strategy. Beyond this role, he also leads the Las Vegas-based PacificRock, LLC as principal. Active in the professional community, Michael Erin belongs to several organizations, including the National Association for Business Economics.

Founded in 1959, the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) is dedicated to representing business economists and other professionals. The organization provides its members with a variety of networking and educational opportunities through various conferences, including its flagship event, the NABE Annual Meeting. Each year, the Annual Meeting welcomes numerous speakers who are well-known in their fields. These events cover a range of topics relating to business economics, and attendees can often earn certificates after the event is over. NABE’s Annual Meeting is open not only to members, but also to US government employees, students, as well as non-members.

The 58th NABE Annual Meeting is scheduled for September 10 to 13, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. Topics covered during this year’s event adhere to the overall theme of global business and domestic complexities, and include such things as productivity and immigration. Registration for the 58th NABE Annual Meeting costs $845 for members and $895 for US government employees. Students can attend the event for $75, and non-members can attend for $995, which includes their membership dues. Scholarships are also available for individuals to attend the 2016 NABE Annual Meeting.

Maddon Says Confident Mindset is Key


Manager Joe Maddon pic

Manager Joe Maddon

After more than a decade of service in the US Army, Michael Erin now works as a successful business development professional. Outside his professional life, Michael Erin enjoys watching his favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs.

After faltering over a 24-game span before the All-Star break, the Chicago Cubs have rebounded in the second half of the season, and the team’s confidence is ramping up in kind. The Cubs are at the front of the pack in the league, and have found themselves in the running to become the first to 70 victories.

Manager Joe Maddon attributes the team finding its way back to success to continuously pushing a mindset of confidence. In a recent interview, Maddon stressed his reliance on the psychological aspects of the game, believing so much in psychology, in fact, that he feels he could teach university classes on the subject when he isn’t managing the team.

Many of the team’s younger players, such as Carl Edwards, Jr., are benefiting from the emphasis on confidence and positive psychology.