The NABE’s Certified Business Economist Program

Certified Business Economist pic

Certified Business Economist

Outside of his position as an associate consultant and partner with Progressive Management & Associates in Chicago, Illinois, Michael Erin contributes to the National Association for Business Economics (NABE). Through the support of members like Michael Erin, the NABE is able to offer those interested in the business field many scholarships and other continuing education opportunities.

One way NABE members can further their education is to seek the Certified Business Economist (CBE) designation. This designation indicates a mastery of business economics, which communicates one’s competence and enthusiasm for the subject to current and prospective employers. A CBE designation also shows that the holder has a commitment to ethical conduct due to the required pledge the recipient must take to uphold the NABE Code of Ethics.

Undergraduate coursework alone does not qualify one for the CBE designation. To earn the designation, one must take an additional exam and several business continuing education courses through NABE or another organization.