The International Economic Development Council

The International Economic Development Council

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International Economic Development Council

The managing partner at Progressive Management & Associates, Michael Erin often dedicates his free time to multiple charitable, nonprofit, and professional organizations. Among those Michael Erin belongs to is the International Economic Development Council.

Supporting those in professions related to economic development, the International Economic Development Council has some 5,000 members. The goal is to create a stable tax base in communities and to foster a stronger and more inclusive economy with the creation of jobs. The Council also aims to instruct its members on how to advance their careers.

Members come from all walks of life, and represent an increasing number of industries, from workforce development to international trade. Membership provides the opportunity to work with leaders in different fields and offers access to yearly conferences and publications dedicated to economic development. In 2016, the Council commemorated its 90-year history with the first-ever Economic Development Week, encouraging the celebration of economic development in local communities.